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Parish Finances

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Local authorities to publish local spending data. The Public Sector Transparency Board has been set up to drive an open data agenda. From January 2011 local government spending over £100 must now be published by local authorities. Expenditure below this will not be published but is in the Public Domain and available in the Council Office.


Final audit information for 2016/17 is available to the public from 19th June 2017. The official period in which you can make comment or query our accounts begins on 20th June and lasts until 28th July.  Anyone wishing to review all the parish accounts will need to contact the clerk to arrange an appointment - accounts cannot be removed from her possession.

Mabe Parish has our accounts verified annually by an External Auditor (Grant Thornton llp) as per government guidelines.


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Annual Return 2016-17

Payments & Receipts 2016-17

Expenditure over £100 2016-17 

Earmarked Reserves 2016-17 

an Explanation of Variances 2016-17 

Supporting Statement - including asset register 2016-17