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The Parish Council has agreed to support residents in forming a Neighbourhood Development Plan group.

As such at the meeting of 11th April as designation request for the inclusion of the entire of Mabe Parish in this plan was formally recognised and sent to Cornwall Council.

Here's a couple of great little videos explaining  what an NDP means 

There's also a copy of the presentation from Esther Richmond of the Localism Team from the meeting on 23rd September


WE NEED VOLUNTEERS - if you can spare time to help us out on any element of the NDP process or have expertise / knowledge that might be of use during the process please make contact or come along to the next meeting.



The basics for anyone just joining .....

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan, or NDP?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan for Mabe will set out our vision for land use and developments within our parish. It gives us, the community, the opportunity to decide how our local area should develop and what should be built. It can respond to a wide range of social, economic or environmental issues that are relevant to us locally. We can also influence land use for other things like renewable energy schemes and recreational facilities.

Do we have to have one?
No. But without one development can still happen, and will be assessed by planners at county and national level. The current local policies that concern our special places will need to be included in a NDP in order to reflect local priorities.
A NDP isn’t a tool to stop development, but it can shape and influence developments and is locally focused. Earlier in 2019 Cornwall Council, following an application from Mabe Parish Council, officially designated the civil Parish of Mabe as a Neighbourhood Area to be used in the creation of a NDP. This covers everything currently within the parish border.

Does it have any impact?
Yes. A NDP is an official planning document that has to be taken into account by Local Authority Planners and Planning Inspectors when determining planning applications and appeals. It has to align with policies contained within the Cornwall Local Plan (adopted in 2016), plus national policies too. It is important to note that a NDP contains the local details which are important to the parish community, and responds to issues that are not covered through strategic and national policies.

Do you have a real say?
Definitely. A steering group will hopefully be formed to start the NDP process, but we want you, the residents of Mabe Parish, to help us identify the key issues and continue to shape those as we go along.

Make sure that you have your say – you can start by coming along to an open meeting of the group on dates that will be advertised on the notice board in the centre of the village and on the parish website. Tell us what we need to consider for Mabe’s Plan – whether it is protecting our environment, our heritage, the facilities and activities that contribute to a sense of community, or anything that makes Mabe special – what do you think should be included?

You will also be asked to vote on the adoption of the Mabe NDP at a referendum, so your views are crucial. Only once the NDP has been adopted following the referendum will it become mandatory for the planning authorities to take it into account when considering planning applications and making decisions on development proposals.


If anyone would like any more information on NDPs please contact us or check out the little video clips above explaining what an NDP is.