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The Parish Plan 2010

The Parish Plan 2010 is a document developed by the community to explain our vision for the future of Mabe and can be viewed through clicking here.  


Traffic & the village 

We understand that a large number of the villagers within Mabe have issues with traffic  - be it speeding, number of cars, parking, crossings, size of vehicles or general traffic mayhem, which we as a parish have been trying to address since the Mabe Village Transport Improvements: Feasibility Study was undertaken in 2013.

Despite long and details requests to Cornwall Highways for improvements - especially relating to speed and usage on the road between the Longdowns Junction & the Asda Roundabout we fail to gain financial support at every turn.  Please be assured that the Parish Council take this matter very seriously and will continue to lobby to get actions - especially a 20mph speed limit through the heart of the village - installed.

To help everyone with this we will be posting anything we receive relating to traffic below in the hope that you as individuals may see fit to contact Cornwall Council to put pressure on them to provide a safe road environment for our village.

Traffic agenda item (draft minutes 13.7.17) 

Accident on Antron Hill -Aug 2017 

communication with CORMAC - aug 2017