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County Governance Review

This is a review of boundaries and how parish & town councils are run.  It includes number of councillors, how areas are warded and what they are called. 

So far Mabe Parish Council have said we are happy with our current state but that we have heard rumours that there are a group of residents looking to become part of Mabe Parish and an adjoining town council looking to annex part of our parish, which we may wish to comment on if formal submissions are made.  

Submissions to change need to be in with Cornwall Council by 17th July 2019.  If you could copy any comment made to the parish council it would be greatly appreciated. 


What to consider in a change request: If a Parish Council or residents group wishes to propose a change to the current arrangements or parish boundary they need to consider whether its submission for changes or no change would be reflective of the identities and interests of the community in that area, and would be effective and convenient. It should also take into account the impact of any proposal on community cohesion as well as the size, population, and current and proposed boundaries of the parish. The stronger the evidence of appropriate and effective consultation and the stronger the evidence of community support for the proposal being put forward, the more weight Cornwall Council is likely to place on it. What ‘appropriate and effective consultation’ is depends on the context and it should be proportionate to the changes that are being considered. Cornwall Council cannot formulate a standard questionnaire as this is a matter for each parish council or residents group, as local circumstances are different in each case.

More information is available on the Cornwall County website and through a presentation given at the Cornwall Association for Local Government to parishes 


Traffic & the village 

June 2019 - we have just been told that a consultation on the plans for traffic calming from Longdowns in in it's final stages.  This work MUST be completed by March 2020. As soon as it is available to the public we will arrange for it to go up on this website, and notices on the parish noticeboard.  If necessary (and possible) we will arrange a parish meeting to discuss.


Jan 2019 - Longdowns works now scheduled for April 2020.

Recent (2017) figures for traffic across the junction at the New Inn received. 


July 2018 - good news - the plans for the changes to the Longdowns Junction are being put forward for addition to the 2019/20 Capital Works Plan at Cornwall Council.  As a backup we we have also put forward to the Community Network Highways Bid (2018/19) as Mabe's preferred project.


We understand that a large number of the villagers within Mabe have issues with traffic  - be it speeding, number of cars, parking, crossings, size of vehicles or general traffic mayhem, which we as a parish have been trying to address since the Mabe Village Transport Improvements: Feasibility Study was undertaken in 2013.

Despite long and details requests to Cornwall Highways for improvements - especially relating to speed and usage on the road between the Longdowns Junction & the Asda Roundabout we fail to gain financial support at every turn.  Please be assured that the Parish Council take this matter very seriously and will continue to lobby to get actions - especially a 20mph speed limit through the heart of the village - installed.

To help everyone with this we will be posting anything we receive relating to traffic below in the hope that you as individuals may see fit to contact Cornwall Council to put pressure on them to provide a safe road environment for our village.

Traffic agenda item (draft minutes 13.7.17) 

Accident on Antron Hill -Aug 2017 

communication with CORMAC - aug 2017 


8.2.18  Thanks to Cllr Peter Williams we managed to get an additional speed survey done on Antron Hill (by Coronation Cottages) in December 2017.  This an be seen by clicking the following links - there is an eastbound and westbound report.

14.3.18   A follow-up email on this had been received through Cllr Williams, that does not seem to show interest on the part of Cornwall Council to address any speed issue - and does not even address the sheer number of vehicles that seem to be using this stretch of road - on weekdays especially!


 Spring 2019

We have finally been told that our ongoing request for works fro the Longdowns Junction through the village is on the highways capital plan for next financial year.  Consultation should begin this summer as to the extent of works we might be able to get - keep an eye out on the website noticeboard for more info.